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Whiskey tango foxtrot to these mixed reviews!

I actually don't understand.
Skimming over the reviews it seems a lot of people felt it "wasn't egoraptor-ish enough" but the reality is that it's a great homage (two m's? w/e) you have the little zoom in effect with the high detail, the quick plot and the flashing background. frankly i think this is a strong representation of egoraptor's stuff, in particular, you nailed the repetitive lines and the relatively weak comedic sense ;)
maybe a lot of folks just don't know speed racer, or don't care enough to find it funny. surely it doesn't have the same fan base as MGS or even RE:4. if you apply the "awesome" style to any thing that isn't wicked popular at the time, you're going to get a weaker response. anyway, enough droning on,
as far as i'm concerned, you're easily in to a 4 vote. the graphics were worthwhile, at times, and the voices were a strong representation of the characters from the show.
as an aside, fuck some negative reviews, as of this writing you have a 4.36!

Great contribution!

A little similar to that old "end of the world" flash with the "wtf mate" auzzies, but that aside, assuming you did in fact write and perform the song yourself, fantastic work!
especially for a first flash. it's a shining example to hold in comparison to people who ask for good votes on their poorly animated stick fights.
I also notice a review mentioning a sequel, which begs the question, wtf would it be about? you just saw the world get blown up in this one!
enough about that though, great job here. I hope you put out some more flashes like this in the future.
just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to make? being your first flash and all.

a disappointment

if you're going to label something as "awesome" material, it needs to be at least a little awesome and, more importantly, it needs to resemble the awesome-style. this is neither of these things. it has no pace, poor voice acting (just because you point it out in the comments doesn't make it ok), and in 30 seconds i hadn't laughed, smiled, giggled, or thought anything positive, where as most "awesome-movies" cover entire games in the same time frame.
review your source material (the real awesome series) and only then would i encourage you to try again. or, because the awesome series is out of style and closing on death, i'd advise making up some original stuff. but of course, you decide how to spend your time.
sorry to bash your flick, your humour just needs some work is all.

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a few serious flaws on an otherwise great concept.

i liked the logic/puzzle element of the game a lot, however i thought that most of the real challenges arose from jumping controls and lack of key responses. Of particular note was level 27, which i gave about 300 tries before finally closing the game. that's just not what a game like this should be about. besides that, i guess i kill like, 2500 seconds playing this game, which is definitely saying something. good job.

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Thanks, it really changes my idea on game design when I find out that people are actually spending time on the game :)

Like, all through the development I thought only a handful of people would be patient enough to get anywhere near the higher levels, and it's nice to know a lot of people did.

I understand what you're talking about with the platforming problems, and this game would greatly benefit from better level design.

Thanks alot of the review :D

I hate games like this...

And yet i loved this game.
a little scary.
anyway, the looks were good, no great graphics, but more than tolerable.
the sounds were incredible and the selections of firearms is also very broad.
i think i only have three minor things to mention for your V3 (if you happen to read this/haven't thought of them already)
1. a reset button. dragging all the items back in to place kind of sucks.
2. you have what appear to be suppressors in the game, yet there are no silenced firing sounds.
3. a couple of the guns are particularly awkward to build around, particularly the receivers that look like a mac10 and a p90. none of the other parts fit quite properly to give the p90 much of a barrel, and the mac10 has absolutely nothing going for it.
I guess the next step for you would be to team up with a dress up style game maker and produce "Create-a-paramilitary V1". Hell, you're half way to a pay to play MMORPG.
Keep up the good work!

I think this is a bit under rated.

It's a very solid defense game. i love the death "physics" (or at least the many different deaths of the oncoming waves). i have a few comments that aren't totally positive.

- gun shots are repetitive.
this one's tricky to get around, but i thought that you might make the upgrades actually affect the sound of the firearm. for instance, say the player starts with an MP5, but if you upgrade the ammo capacity it becomes a P90, if you then upgrade the accuracy it becomes an FN FAL, you know, that kind of thing just to change it up a bit.
- upgrade the type of airstrike
taking a page from COD4 on this one. the first level could be a simple strafing run, the 2nd level might be close air support from a helicopter, and lastly you get support from a gunship. that said, the airstrike doesn't need to kill everything on the screen all the time, particularly if its an on-station sort of thing, it could just be a temporary backup shooter, if you will.
- more forgiving gameplay
a save point, even if it's every 10 levels would be very much appreciated.
Other than that i can't think of many flaws. i loved the shaking screen when you fire, and i liked that the gun actually gets less accurate (or appears to). the game has a very high level of intensity considering it's simplicity as well.
Good job.

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